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237 Feature Wins in 2020

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Cole Falloway

#66 Modified
8 Feature Wins
Cedar Ridge (KY) Speedway

Clyde Dunn Jr.

#88XXX Modified
9 Feature Wins
Devil's Bowl (TX) Speedway

Carl McDade

#11M Modified
4 Feature Wins
Crawford County (AR) Speedway

Mitch Thomas

#97 Modified
1 Feature Win
Roaring Knob (PA) Motorsports Complex

Rusty Schlenk

#91 Late Model
12 Feature Wins
Gas City I-69 (IN) Speedway


2020 Champions

Nick Hoffman

DIRTcar Modified Nationals

Michael Altobelli

Bedford (PA) Speedway

Brian Bayer

Salem (IN) Speedway

Clyde Dunn Jr.

Devil's Bowl (TX) Speedway

Michael Ledford

Farmer City (IL) Raceway

Billy Van Pelt

Woodhull (NY) Raceway

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LS7 LM Lightening

ls7 latemodel lighteningMRE is proud to announce added progress to the LS Late Model packages. We are now offering a super light LS7 Late Model engine weighing only 348 lbs! When designing an engine package, multiple criteria have to be met. The four things that stand out in our mind are: performance and driveability, reliability, cost, and of course the overall weight of the engine. Our LS7 without any work is not considered a heavy engine. Our baseline LS7 weighs 376-377 lbs. In the last two years, we have made some major changes in our CNC shop. Our programming ability at this time far exceeds anything we were able to do since we became CNC equipped. As an engine builder, this allows us to do different things...


LS7 Modified Engine

ls7 modifiedAfter developing the LS7 Late Model package and seeing what potential this engine truly has, it only makes sense to do a Modified version. The drivability aspects of this engine excite us the most. It has killer acceleration, good low-end torque numbers, then runs out the back door like a Ford. It truly is the best of both worlds (Ford and Chevy). It also makes power levels beyond our 13 degree engines. So we would recommend it for bigger race tracks where you can take advantage of what it has to offer. It does fall in the same price range as our 13 degree engines, but it has a lot more performance to offer. Engine comes standard with a carb spacer, water lines, and a lift plate...


LS7 Late Model Engine

ls7 latemodelWe are excited to announce that we are going to offer a new Late Model program completely focused around the LS platform. We are going to offer two types of engines based off the most bang for the buck to accommodate two different types of racers. This first engine, we are highlighting here, is more for the regional based teams. This gives them the opportunity to buy a brand new engine that makes the power levels needed to compete on the weekend events and on the traveling series shows without the "big team budget". Most of these guys try to buy used engines off bigger teams. We know how this can go very wrong (sometimes sideline a team for a season)...


LS7 NE Mod Engine

ls7 ne modifiedFor the first time, we are offering a dedicated Northeast Modified package. This is our LS7 Late Model engine in a cast iron block. We have built a few of these engines in the past and have had success. The LS7 will make approximately 80-90 more HP without sacrificing drivability. This will be a contender with those BBC engines without the crazy price tag. These engines are good for the sport of dirt racing!