LS Modified

engineAfter developing the LS7 Late Model package and seeing what potential that engine truly has, it only makes sense to do a Modified version. The drivability aspects of this engine excite us the most. It has killer acceleration, good low-end torque numbers, and then runs out the back door like a Ford. It truly is the best of both worlds (Ford and Chevy). It also makes power levels beyond our 13 degree engines. So we would recommend it for bigger race tracks where you can take advantage of what it has to offer. It does fall in the same price range as our 13 degree engines, but it has a lot more performance to offer. Engine comes standard with a carb spacer, water lines, and a lift plate.

***This engine requires an external single stage wet sump oil pump***


jones cog drive tn   built in crank trigger tn
Jones Cog Drive   Built-In Crank Trigger


Engine Baseline Package


Available Upgrades

Titanium exhaust valves   $695
55mm cam tunnel -.903 lifters - 7/16 pushrods   $875

Available Bolt-Ons

Stewart cartridge style water pump and spacers   $450
Distributor (includes hold down and bronze gear) and wires   $475
Jones cog drive pulley system   $495
Crank trigger   $375
Shipping weight: 525 lbs.