Pump Gas

MRE is now offering a Dirt Modified open type engine that is capable of running on pump gas. We originally came up with this for the obvious reasons of trying to make racing more affordable. Once we got to working on this combination we realized there were more advantages than just saving money. The engine makes awesome power! It mirrors our most popular combination (23 degree 415 engine) that we have had major success with. We were surprised how well it ran and found other advantages after we started testing. The drivability is second to none and this is compared to anything else we build, including all our 23 degree engines in which we have built a solid reputation on for how well they drive. We also noticed that the cars seem to enter the corner better. What would cause this? Well in racing everyone has fell victim to learning different things by accident, I think this is the case here.

IMCA approved the crate engine and made the rules absolutely dominant for it to be the engine of choice in 2014. Soon everyone noticed they could turn faster lap times with an engine that made less power. They also noticed that their cars entered the corner better. A big part of the power loss comes from lack of compression. Then you have to think, without the compression acting as a brake on entry is this why the cars enters the corners better? I really feel it is. We have to come back to this with our pump gas engine. For dependability we pulled the compression out of it. All drivers that tested the engine all came back with the same feedback. Drivability is second to none and the car enters the corner better. We list this as a pump gas engine but it can be run on any type of fuel. If the racer wants to run it on E-85, alcohol, pump gas, mix pump gas with race gas, or a cheap 110, it will all work.

We had some late year success that is worth complimenting on this engine. Matt Mevert won the first night of Mod Mania at Granite City, IL. He was dominating the second night but had a power steering line break with six laps to go. The last night he had fuel cell issues and didn't get a chance to race. Looking at the weekend as a whole, he was the car to beat. It is common knowledge that Mod Mania is one of the toughest races of the year. Lots of guys capable of winning races in the double digits from other states will have nothing to do with showing up for this. Matt then went on to Eldora for the Fall Nationals. He set overall fast time the first night, missing the overall track record by one tenth. He went on to run third overall for the weekend. Eldora is very demanding on an engine and it's obvious what this engine is capable of.

Basic Engine Package

Engine comes standard with titanium intake valves, ported manifold, oil cooler kit, and carb spacer.
If ran on pump gas ONLY add $500 for piston coating.

Available Upgrades

Titanium exhaust valves   $660

Available Options

Carb   $1,185
Distributor and wires   $385
Water pump and line kit   $195
Jones serpentine belt drive (crank to water pump)   $295
Shipping weight: 525 lbs.