IMCA Legal Heads

With IMCA's latest rule change they have made our existing Outlaw head illegal. When we developed the Outlaw head we opened IMCA's rule book and looked at what we could do to make our product the best we could with what rules THEY had made. One of the changes we made was moving the valve spacing; this made us put an offset rocker on the intake side to move the pushrod location over. Bottom line this allowed us to put a higher flowing intake port in the head. This process has been done by other engine builders in the past, we were not the first ones to do this.

With the new rules it motivated us to the highest level to make our std Dart casting (std rocker arms) as good as possible. We have worked on this and are proud to say we have this head making within 5-10 hp of what our Outlaw head makes. We were able to have some success with Jeff Taylor at the end of the year with multiple BIG wins (including the IMCA SUPER NATIONALS) with our LEGAL IMCA head. We are very pleased with this new product and are very upset that many people have bought our Outlaw head only for IMCA to make it illegal without any opportunity of people getting their money's worth!


Fully assembled IMCA heads

(Comes with fully machined castings milled to 64cc with CHE
manganese valve guides, MRE custom valves, valve springs,
retainers and locks, Arp rocker studs and Comp Cams guide
plates, these heads are ready to bolt on!)
  $2,750 pr

Bare fully machined castings

  $995 ea
Matched CNC ported intake   $600
Flat tappet cam   $215
Lifters   $120
Pushrods   $135
Crower stud mount rockers   $375
MRE valve covers (cast aluminum, painted black, with -10
an fitting and a oil fill)
MRE fabricated valve covers (comes with -10 an fitting
and a oil fill)
Carb spacer and stud kit   $115
Top end gasket kit   $130