IMCA Northern/Southern SportMod | USRA B-Mod

MRE offers complete top end kits for the SportMod/B-Mod engines. Just like all our other combinations, we are selling all the same components we use on our engines. This will allow a person capable of assembling his own engine to take his existing short block and top it off with our quality components. When buying our products, all the setup is completely taken care of, no extra money or hidden machining cost will arise. It will bolt together without snags.

Assembled Heads

hollow stem valve upgrade: intakes $80 - exhaust $80

Parts Kit

Edelbrock intake $145
MRE custom cam $185
Solid lifters $120
COMP 7372 pushrods $105
COMP 1412-16 roller tip rockers $165
COMP 4602 posi-locks $42.50

When the rules will not allow full roller rockers and you’re limited to a roller tip only style rocker, it presents many issues with damaging the rockers or causing excessive heat to where it blues and galls the rocker arms to the point of failure. When the rocker is in this state, the engine is losing power from friction by 7-15 HP, let alone getting ready to fail. We have found remedies to this and thought we would offer it to racers who build or work on their own engines.

tig-welded-rocker-tnWe soon realized you have to flood the rocker with oil. One way of doing this is TIG welding a shield on top of the rocker to keep the oil from flying out away from the rocker. This covers the oil hole and deflects the oil back to the pivot ball area helping with lubricating it and also keeping it cool. We do this for all roller tip rocker engines we build here, including the Southern Series SportMod where we run oilers in the valve covers as well. When only doing the deflector on the rocker (USRA B-Mod and Northern SportMod), we run a lighter valve spring than when we do on the valve cover option. When building the Southern SportMod engine we add the valve cover oiler option as well which allows us to run a more aggressive valve spring. Both valve springs are high quality and cost the same but one has more spring pressure than the other.

valve-cover-kit valve-cover-work-done valve-cover-kit-installed
Valve Cover Kit Work Done to Valve Cover Valve Cover Kit Installed

MRE valve springs for USRA and Northern SportMod

lighter spring for rocker deflectors only

MRE valve springs for Southern SportMod

heavier spring for rocker deflectors and valve cover oilers for pivot balls

Add deflectors to comp roller tip rockers


Complete pivot ball oiling valve cover kit

Comes with all the lines and fittings needed and custom made valve covers to spray oil on the pivot balls. The valve covers come with an oil fill but we do not install any type of breather in the valve covers themselves (too much oil and will leak). We run the breather in the intake.
fitting-welded-intake-tnWe can also provide you with an intake and the breather installed. This is a $75 option added to our intake price, which makes for a clean engine.