New! LS7 Late Model Lightening


MRE is proud to announce added progress to the LS Late Model packages we are offering. When designing an engine package, multiple criteria have to be met. The four things that stand out in our mind are: performance and driveability, reliability, cost, and of course the overall weight of the engine. Our LS7 without any work is not considered a heavy engine. Our baseline LS7 weighs 376-377 lbs. A standard Chevy Late Model engine (without any work weighs 370-380 lbs.). The RY-45 weighs in the 410-425 lb. range. (We assume all that extra weight is where the added expense comes in.)

In the last two years, we have made some major changes in our CNC shop. Our programming ability at this time far exceeds anything we were able to do since we became CNC equipped. As an engine builder, this allows us to do different things that most shops wouldn't put the added effort into. The good thing about it is with all this done in-house, the cost is not out of line for the end user (the racer). Six hands and three different shops are not touching it with everyone in between needing to make something off of the product. Besides weight removal, you will also notice the appearance is a piece of artwork!


Pricing with Weight Removal
LS Aluminum Block Lightening (10 lbs. removed)   $995
Main Cap Lightening (3 lbs. removed)   $200
Cylinder Head Lightening (4 lbs. removed on both heads)   $300 (both)
Manifold Lightening (5 lbs. removed)   $500


With all these procedures done, the LS7 weighs approximately 353-354 lbs. The engine pictured above is our 2020 test engine. We opted for a lighter crankshaft which brings the weight of this engine down to 348 lbs. (We are working on pricing for this option.) We could go into Sprint Car mode and knock another 20 lbs. off this engine getting the final weight in the 320's, but we don't feel the need for it, and it would be a lot of added expense for not much gain.

We are weighing the engine without oil or water, no trans coupler or motor mounts, and no stand. It does have the lift plate installed.