MRE Short Blocks
MRE now offers assembled short blocks. We have built a business off helping the do-it-yourselfer and this is one more way we can add to our existing services. We’re going to keep it simple…

Choose the fully machined block you need

(look at our block section for more information)
  • GM block
  • Dart block

Add the rotating assembly

(look at our rotator section for more information)
  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Crate Killer
  • USRA
  • SportMod
  • Custom

Then add a $750 assembly charge


UMP open (13 or 23 degree), USRA/USMTS type engine

  • Dart fully machined SHP block $1,995
  • Stage 1 rotating assembly $2,995
  • Short Block assembly fee $750
Total $5,740
Available upgrades include: Stage 2 rotator add $1,270 or a SHP Pro block add $500

Crate Killer or B-Mod type engine

  • GM fully machined block $1,595
  • Crate Killer rotator $2,595
  • Short Block assembly fee $750
Total $4,940

IMCA Northern/Southern SportMod or USRA B-Mod

  • GM fully machined block $1,595
  • USRA B-Mod rotator $1,795
  • Short Block assembly fee $750
Total $4,140
Only upgrade would be $100 for the Manley crank, this is mandatory for the IMCA Northern/Southern SportMod engines to be legal