Oil Cooler

oil coolerIn the past we have had problems with the reliability of oil coolers. The major problems that we saw were stress cracks, oil lines tugging on the cooler resulting in cracks, or rocks hitting the cooler resulting in a break.

When the cooler breaks, hopefully the engine survives, but the night of racing is over. FSR has always made a very reliable piece, but three things concerned us:

  • Weight
  • Expense
  • Size - We were concerned that a wet sump pump may not be able to feed both the cooler and the engine properly with oil. These coolers were designed for a late model car and a dry sump oil system.

We talked with FSR about our concerns. FSR worked with us directly to design a new cooler built for modified use. The new cooler is:

  • Smaller in size
  • Lighter
  • Double Pass For Maximum Cooling
  • "Bullet Proof"

This cooler can be bought separately or as a complete kit.

Sell for $249